1/2016 repair, Le Corbusier

Building renovation has been on the increase and will continue to do so in the future. A successful renovation requires careful planning customised to the situation. This issue features renovations with very different starting points and methods, but in all cases the original architecture has been treated with respect. St. Paul’s Church (1917) in Tartu, Estonia, designed by Eliel Saarinen, is little known in Finland. The history of the church has been dramatic: during the war it was damaged by fire and during the Soviet era it was used as a museum storage. Now, however, the church has been renovated, returning it to the glory its status requires. The major restoration and extension of the building lasted a decade. Finnish architects Merja Nieminen


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editorial | Repair and tradition
Jorma Mukala

Inspired by Le Corbusier
Kristo Vesikansa

Itäkeskus landmark tower, Helsinki

Perhon Proffa, Helsinki

Aalto Library, Seinäjoki
Architects Mustonen

Tartu Pauluse kirik, Estonia
Kari Järvinen and Merja Nieminen, architects SAFA

frosterus | A cultural virtuoso's favourite hobby
Vilhelm Helander

kontio & räike | From the teachings of Aalto onward
Jorma Mukala

dreams | Marianna Heikinheimo
Miina Blot

fuller & papanek | When the world was rethought
Eeva Berglund

kairamo | Power lines
Aino Niskanen

speaker's corner | Hello from a healthy house
Anders Adlercreutz

books | The School of Exile
Anni Vartola

déjà-vu | Niilo Kokko, Viljo Revell, Heimo Riihimäki - Lasipalatsi, Helsinki 1935
Pekka Lehtinen