5/2015 Ring Rail Line, urban infill

Currently topical phenomena in Finnish urban planning are infill development and the growing importance of rail traffic. Infill development densifies piece by piece the fragmented urban structure that is a product of the construction of the suburbs in the 60s and 70s.
The new Ring Rail Line will stimulate the construction of local centres in Vantaa. “The Ring Rail Line marks the beginning a new stage in the development of Vantaa’s urban structure”, suggests Tarja Laine, Director of Urban Planning, in her article.This edition presents three local centres in Vantaa. The Kivistö centre is presently under construction; Aviapolis, adjacent to the airport, is still searching…


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editorial | The City Infilled
Jorma Mukala

Ring Rail Line, Vantaa
Tarja Laine

Ring Rail Line | Kivistö
Vantaa City Planning

Ring Rail Line | Kivistö Railway Station
B&M Architects

Ring Rail Line | Aviapolis
Vantaa City Planning

Ring Rail Line | Aviapolis Railway Station
PES Architects

Ring Rail Line | Tikkurila
Vantaa City Planning

Ring Rail Line | Piccadilly
Huttunen–Hirvonen Architects

Tapiola Centre, Espoo
Espoo City Planning, Tapiola Development Project

Tapiola | Revontuli
A6 Architect Group

Tampere Travel and Service Centre area
COBE & Lundén Architecture

Brahe Squares, Helsinki
Juha Ilonen

Pohjola Building block, Helsinki
JKMM Architects

arena | Finlandia Prize for architecture 2015
Miina Blot

topical | There is no such thing as critical architecture
Kaisa Karvinen

good criticism?
Ville Hänninen

future | Towards new building practices
Lars-Erik Mattila

city | Biourban Paracity
Marco Casagrande

art | The workers of Herttoniemi
Sirpa Hynninen, Vesa-Ville Saarinen

speaker's corner | The architect as a public servant
Ilkka Halinen

books | Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment
Mikko Mäki

déjà-vu | Olli Kivinen – Laajasalo terraced houses, Helsinki 1973
Riitta Salastie