2/2015 nieto sobejano, talk about criticism

Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano, a Madrid-based architect couple, are known for their exquisite museum designs. The Arvo Pärt Centre in Estonia is one of the designs currently at the planning stage. This year Nieto and Sobejano were awarded the Alvar Aalto Medal as an acknowledgement of significant architectural work. Important themes in the couple’s work are landscape, geometry, roofscape and light. In this issue of Arkkitehti the medallists write about the fundamentals of their architecture. They also share some memories of their architectural journeys in Finland. The poetics of space in Alvar Aalto’s buildings has made a strong impression on them.


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editorial | Circulating influences
Jorma Mukala

Deliberations about criticism
Jorma Mukala

Four themes: Landscape, Geometry, Roofscape, Light
Enrique Sobejano, Fuensanta Nieto

Nieto & Sobejano, archaeologist of architecture
Juha Ilonen

Kuopio City Theatre
ALA Architects

Viikinmäki block house, Helsinki

EY House, Helsinki
Verstas Architects

Vantaan Merkki
Tuomas Toivonen + Kanttia2

Puukuokka, Jyväskylä
OOPEAA Office for Peripheral Architecture

history | Postmodernism

history | The trail of ashes of Modernism
Anni Vartola

history | Postmodernism in the Finnish architectural heritage
Olli-Paavo Koponen

history | Postmodernism – and then?
Kaisa Broner-Bauer

good criticism?
Otso Kantokorpi

topical | Has wow now been buried?
Lauri Jääskeläinen

chuches | Materiality and the magic of light
Wolfgang Jean Stock

speaker's corner | Finding relevance
Anu Puustinen

books | History of tourism and architecture
Riitta Nikula

déjà-vu | Timo Suomalainen, Tuomo Suomalainen – Ristiniemi Chapel, Hamina 1965
Kristo Vesikansa