3/2014 art / fashion

Fashionable often implies shallowness – at least in architecture. However, cultural editor Jonni Roos disagrees. He sees the relationship between fashion and architecture as presenting a fruitful landscape full of potential. The issue highlights the interrelations between fashion, art and architecture. The journey between the arts begins with the play “Prisoner by choice” written by the acclaimed architect Antti Nousjoki, in which historical facts form the starting point for a story about buildings, books and destinies. The review features four completely different projects: a Parisian fashion house, a library in Savo, Eastern Finland, the home of an actor family and a station building in tribute to metro traffic.


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editorial | Fashionable architecture
Jorma Mukala

Prisoner by choice – a play about houses, books and destinies
Antti Nousjoki

La Petite Maison de Couture, Paris
Pekka Littow

Private house M-M, Helsinki
Tuomas Siitonen

Siilitie metro station, Helsinki
Cederqvist & Jäntti Architects

Joeli, new main library of Savonlinna
Heikkinen–Komonen Architects

hautala | Harmony of colour and dimension
Otso Kantokorpi

art | The gaze belongs to the artist
Pentti Kareoja

spaced | Interview with artist Kaarina Kaikkonen
Miina Blot

museum | A framework for art
Kimmo Friman

fashion | More fashion in architecture
Jonni Roos

speaker's corner | Cracks
Mikko Heikkinen

books | Oikeat ja väärät arkkitehdit
Christer Bengs

déjà-vu | Osmo Lappo – Centre of Vekaranjärvi garrison, Valkeala 1974
Petteri Kummala