2/2014 alvar aalto, modernism repaired

Are we protecting Aalto to death? This is what Aalto researcher and Yale University Professor Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen asks. She warns us about unnecessary sterilisation and turning buildings into empty museums. When the protection of buildings is taken to extremes, instead of remembering our history, it can cause us loss of memory. Pelkonen reflects upon the criteria that set Aalto’s buildings above other endangered architecture. “Aalto primarily designed buildings with the user in mind. Let them be filled with life.” Architects Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen and Jonas Malmberg also write about Aalto’s legacy and its significance today.


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editorial | Aalto – once again
Jorma Mukala

How to preserve the Aalto heritage?
Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen, Jonas Malmberg, Eeva-liisa Pelkonen

Viipuri Library restoration
Tapani Mustonen, Leif Englund, Maija Kairamo

Renovation of the House of Culture, Helsinki
NRT Architects

Renovation and extension of Sampola School, Tampere
Kouvo & Partanen Architects

Renovation of Hotel Regatta and a new apartment block, Hanko
MRN Architects

tel aviv | White city
Aino Niskanen

spaced | Interview with film director Jari Halonen
Miina Blot

bryggman | Two different journeys
Silvia Micheli

siren | The enduring significance
Helena Teräväinen

aalto | Transformation of a heating plant to a cosy home
Charlotte Malaprade

speaker's corner | An overhaul of construction is called for
Maija Kairamo

books | Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Markus Manninen

debate | Kalasatama
Pekka Helin & Tuoman Wichmann, Jukka Heikkinen, Jorma Mukala

déjà-vu | Alvar Aalto - Heilig-Geist-Kirche, Wolfsburg 1962
Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen