4/2014 homes, cohousing

Community-oriented housing brings something new to the otherwise one-sided housing production in Finland. Architect and researcher Anna Helamaa writes about the principles of cohousing, including examples from Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. “Communal dining, car-sharing and neighbourly help alleviate everyday stress and make living socially richer,” states Helamaa. At its best, architecture encourages encounters and supports the objectives of cooperation. There are currently several projects in Finland that have evolved from the premises of cohousing and the issue presents two recently completed examples, which differ completely, however, in terms of their architecture.


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editorial | Community and housing
Jorma Mukala

Anna Helamaa

Annikki, Tampere
Hanna Lyytinen Architects

Malta, Helsinki
ARK-house architects

Harjannetie 44, Helsinki
Hannunkari & Mäkipaja

Kotisaarenkatu 7, Helsinki
Playa Architects

Tontunmäentie 42, Espoo
Suvi Huttunen

House Asikainen, Helsinki
NRT Architects

theory | The user – a thousand-headed monster?
Antti Pirinen

jyväskylä | Housing fair by the lakeside
Panu Lehtovuori

design | Space and form
Aila Svenskberg

spaced | Interview with rock musician Kauko Röyhkä
Miina Blot

ruusuvuori | A forgotten house
Harri Hautajärvi

biennale | Fundamentals in Venice
Jorma Mukala

speaker's corner | The multifaceted city
Kirsi Saarikangas

books | 10 stories of collecting housing
Tarja Nurmi

déjà-vu | Viljo Revell – As Oy Silta-City, Hanko 1965
Kristo Vesikansa