3/2015 houses, small scale

Tall and big have in recent years dominated the debate about the Finnish city. Professor Hannu Huttunen highlights, however, a different possibility: a vibrant city can grow also at a small scale. For example, in the metropolis of London, one finds, as a counter balance to the large buildings and main streets, a small-scale city, mostly three-storeys high, where housing, local shops and street life merge together naturally. In Helsinki, too, there are old city districts, such as Vallila, with a mix of the large and small scale. According to Huttunen, we should rediscover this long lost small-scale urbanness. Alongside standard construction dominated by high-rise apartment blocks, other house types should be developed, such as the familiar …


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editorial | Small-scale urban space
Jorma Mukala

In search of the human scale city
Hannu Huttunen

Kalasatama Townhouse, Helsinki

House Karkiainen, Espoo
Matti Sanaksenaho, Pirjo Sanaksenaho, Jari Mänttäri

Villa Lumi, Nummela
Avanto Architects

Villa Tuuli, Turku
SIGGE Architects

Apelle, Karjaa
Marco Casagrande

Villa Samurai, Kangasala

House Salmela, Raahe
Käpy and Simo Paavilainen

House H, Seinäjoki
Teemu Hirvilammi

Villa Riviera, Taipalsaari
Olavi Koponen

ecology | The development of the ecological low-rise dwelling
Pekka Hänninen

cinema | Three dreams of a house
Helmi Kajaste

good criticism?
Paula Holmila

berlin | The new coming of urban townhouses
Pia Ilonen

speaker's corner | Is your home really your castle?
Henna Helander

books | Saarinen Houses
Minna Chudoba

déjà-vu | Jorma Järvi, Toivo Jäntti, Karhutie 25 and 26, Helsinki 1949
Aaro Artto