2/2016 Pallasmaa, 4 x public buildings

How to secure the services of a welfare society and, at the same time, find places to cut public expenditure – these issues have become permanent fixtures on the political agenda. Municipalities are seeking cost savings in a variety of ways, and the solutions also affect the built environment. One example of this is the placement of libraries and other public services in commercial facilities. In Lappeenranta, the new City Theatre was built on the top floor of a shopping centre. The designers, ALA Architects, saw a fascinating setting: “This is exactly how the theatre would return to its roots, to the market place where people gather.” The theatre has been skilfully created, forming a unique entity within the otherwise ordinary…


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editorial | A public space, a public building
Jorma Mukala

The complexity of simplicity – the inner structure of the artistic image
Juhani Pallasmaa

Lappeenranta City Theatre
ALA Architects

Ruukki Health Clinic, Siikajoki
alt + Karsikas

Sansinpelto daycare centre, Kauniainen

Kampusareena, Tampere
LSV Architects

interview | Hanna Harris
Paula Holmila

history | Memories of old community centres
Tuomas Uusheimo

theory | Living architecture
Mikko Metsähonkala

dreams | Erkko Aarti
Miina Blot

estonia | KOKO Architects
Tarja Nurmi

speaker's corner | The flawed democracy of windows
Matti Apunen

books | Changing Helsinki?
Mikko Mälkki

déjà-vu | Raili & Reima Pietilä, University of Zurich extension competition, 1966
Kristo Vesikansa