6/2016 landscape, park

The interest in green architecture is growing strongly. Behind the popularity of green walls and urban gardening lies a genuine desire to reconnect with nature. The urbanite, living in an artificial reality, longs for nature. “Pastoral or green architecture has the potential to reconnect us not only with nature but also with our estranged selves.” This is how Ville Lukkarinen, professor of art history, describes the return of nature in architecture. He links the new popularity of greenery with the long tradition of European culture, where idealised nature has been the source of a happy life since the times of the poet Virgil. Landscape design is the organisation of nature as part of our environment. Marc Treib, professor emeritus at the University of…


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editorial | Sense of landscape
Jorma Mukala

Both/And: A Call for Inclusive Design
Marc Treib

Leimuniitty, Tapiola
Ria Ruokonen, Karin Krokfors

Fazer, Vantaa
K2S Architects

Arctic Treehouse Hotel, Rovaniemi
Studio Puisto

Periscope Tower, Seinäjoki
OOPEAA Office for Peripheral Architecture

Åkerudden, Tenhola
MNy Architects

nature | Unknown urban nature
Petteri Kummala

new pastoralism | Green walls and flute-playing satyrs
Ville Lukkarinen

history | Tapiola changed Finnish landscape architecture
Ria Ruokonen

dreams | Malin Blomqvist
Miina Jutila

helsinki | Manors and urbanisation
Ranja Hautamäki

speaker's corner | Architecture is essential
Paavo Lipponen

books | Modern garden and landscape in Finland 1900–1970
Pia Kuusiniemi, Kristo Vesikansa