3/2017 foundations, summer cottage, small scale

Spending time at the summer cottage is at the core of the Finnish way of life. Travelling to the cottage and staying there transports the mind away from daily routines. Proximity to wild nature is an essential part of relaxing and being active at the cottage. Breaking away from the hectic pace of life and hard work, we allow ourselves a certain freedom and playfulness. This has also influenced the way the cottages themselves are designed, perhaps making similar allowances – often innovative ideas first appear in small houses. To avoid spending hours in the car driving to our summer cottage, we can always choose urban cottages, for which Arkkitehti offers a wealth of new ideas. Architects Mauricio Pezo and Sofìa von Ellrichshausen, who live and work in Chile, have achieved worldwide fame with their small-scale buildings. In their column, they discuss…


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editorial | Vitality from the smallness
Jorma Mukala

Le Carré Bleu brought theory into practice
Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Petteri Kummala

Lightness or sustainability?
Juulia Mikkola

Villa K

Lonna Sauna
OOPEAA Office for Peripheral Architecture

Sauna pavilion Saukonrotko

Villa Karppi
Tommi Terästö

Summer house
Anttinen Oiva architects

art | Grönlund & Nisunen
Mikko Summanen

pavilion 100
Ilmari Lahdelma

helsinki | urban cottage
Petri Herrala

house 540 | Small, sensible, low-carbon
Pekka Hänninen

pezo von ellrichshausen | Spatial structure and labyrinthine order
Juhani Pallasmaa

speaker´s corner | More than a hut but less than a house
Pezo von Ellrichshausen

books | Modern Life! Finnish Modernism and International Dimension
Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen

déjà-vu | Kristian Gullichsen – Villa Berner, Pori 1964
Ville Hara