6/2017 the future of (Finnish) architecture

What do the Finland of the future and its cities look like? Finland’s centennial as an independent nation has been celebrated on both a small and a grand scale. In this issue, architects turn their eyes to the future. All dreams, hopes and fears are conceivable as the future remains a mystery. Before venturing to reflect on the future, this issue looks at the transition periods and current state of Finnish architecture. Architects representing different generations write about the future of Finnish architecture; whether any Finnish architecture actually exists; where future developments may take us; and how houses and cities are going to change.

“The cities of the 2040s will be fascinating, rich environments in which to live lives of great interest.” (Mikko Summanen)


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editorial | (Finnish) architecture
Jorma Mukala

turning points | history
Jorma Mukala, Kristo Vesikansa

A decade of shifts and minor adjustments
Jorma Mukala

Esa Ruskeepää, Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects, M3 Architects, Anttinen Oiva Architects, Playa Architects, K2S Architects

The future of (Finnish) architecture
Juhani Pallasmaa, Rainer Mahlamäki, Pirjo Sanaksenaho, Mikko Summanen, Inari Virkkala, Anssi Kankkunen, Lauri Jääskeläinen, Aaro Artto, Samuli Miettinen, Juha Ilonen, Anu Puustinen, Antti Karsikas, Jenni Reuter, Antti Nousjoki, Eero Lundén, Mikko Heikkinen