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Photo Column: 20.3.2021

Text Tuomas Uusheimo Images Tuomas Uusheimo

A lone man with his cellphone in Mall of Tripla, Helsinki, at noon on Friday.

Mall of Tripla, Helsinki
three days after the declaration of a state of emergency

The large shopping malls that have sprung up at traffic hubs are increasingly seen as adventure centres, where entertainment and services have become as important as the shops. They are taking over the role of the city centres and suburban centres as regional hubs. Then again, shopping malls lack a unique identity: their facilities and services differ little from one another.

The corona crisis has hit the trade sectors differently. While the traditional brick-and-mortar boutiques have suffered, retail trade and especially online stores have even managed to grow. The shopping malls are profiled as hygienic, safe and easily accessible spaces, and this has been highlighted during the Covid-19 crisis. Will the same trend continue, or will people look for more originality and personalised services once the crisis is over? ↙

TUOMAS UUSHEIMO is a photographer concentrating on architecture, built environments, designed interiors and objects.