Published in 2/2022 - Overlooked


The Rare, the Outstanding and the Everyday Grey

Iida Kalakoski, Riina Sirén

Photos, top row: 1) Erkki Karvinen: Laajasalo Shopping Centre 1973, demolished 2019. Photo: Yehia Eweis 2) Bitumi Manner: Metsola Primary School 1991. Photo: Sakari Kiuru 3) Osmo Sipari: Finnish-Russian School 1965, demolished 2019. Photo: Constantin Grünberg 4) Heikki Koskelo: Lippulaiva Shopping Centre 1993, demolished 2017. Photo: Eero Laamanen
Bottom row: 5) Esko Hyvärinen: Tunturi Daycare Centre 1982. Photo: Markus Leppo 6) Erkki Karvinen: Suursuo SHopping Centre 1962, demolished 2015. Photo: Jaana Maijala 7) Ilpo Hälvä: Kuohukuja Shopping Centre 1972. Photo: Antti Yrjönen 8) Jalmari Peltonen: Pakila School 1939. Photo: Constantin Grünberg

Uniqueness or rarity most often determines what kind of buildings are highlighted in architecture and what is, in the end, protected. What will happen to those commonplace environments that do not fulfil either of the criteria?

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