Published in 1/2022 - Urban Space


Keilaniemi Square and Pavilions

SARC Architects, MASU Planning

Architects (SARC Architects) Antti-Matti Siikala, Max Hartman, Antti Iskala
Landscape Architects (MASU Planning) Malin Blomqvist, Sune Oslev, Rune Simonsen, Rosaliina Luminiitty, Elina Kataja
Location Keilaniemi, Espoo
Gross Area 7 850 m2 (square), 1 343 m2 (pavilions)
Completion 2020

Keilaniemi, the hub of company headquarters situated on the border of Espoo and Helsinki, is changing from a car-dominated district to a pedestrian one. Changing ideals have materialised in the creation of a new square. Read more on the project → A Non-Place Transformed

Photos Mika Huisman, MASU Planning