1/2022 Urban Space

Editorial | Casino Chips
Kristo Vesikansa

A City That Is Growing towards the Sky 
Tuomas MacGilleon

Interpreting and Completing the Suburban Atmosphere
Laura Uimonen, Anna Koskinen

How Is Experience Connected to Urban Design?
Aino Raatikka, Taru Niskanen

Visual Essay | Nothing Decorative and Nothing Functional 
Emery Norton

The New Perimeter Block Requires a New Kind of Thinking 
Henri Käpynen, Teemu Paasiaho

Erik Bryggman and the Turku Cityscape
Mikko Laaksonen

On the Drawing Board | Three Examples of the Circular Economy
Aura Pajamo

Alternative | Yes in My Backyard
Julius Jääskeläinen, Junior Perri


Public outdoor areas of Ranta-Tampella, Tampere
Maanlumo Landscape Architecture, Ylitys

Article | Canal City Shaped by Wind and Waves
Kristo Vesikansa

Keilaniemi Square and pavilions, Espoo 
Sarc Architects, MASU Planning 

Article | A Non-Place Transformed
Essi Oikarinen

New Districts

Hiedanranta, Tampere
Jolma Architects, Schauman & Nordgren Architects, Mandaworks, Architecturestudio NOAN, TUPA architecture, Nomaji Landscape Architects, Ramboll Finland

Heinäpää, Oulu
LUO Architects

Pihlajaniemi, Turku
AJAK Architects, Urbanity, Gehl Architects 


Book | Leslie Kern: Feminist City – Claiming Space in a Man-made World (Sudar Oli Gunasekaran)

Book | Tom Avermaete & Janina Gosseye: Urban Design in the 20th Century – A History (Mikael Andersson)


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