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Sauna Vitören

August Almqvist Jansson

Location Vitören, Houtskari, Parainen
Gross Area 8 m2
Completion 2018

Designer’s Comment – August Almqvist Jansson: Sauna Vitören is a public sauna in the west part of the Turku archipelago. The island of Vitören belongs to the village of Nåtö which during the 20th century used it for fishery in the bay of Skiftet (Kihti). The sauna reinvents the collective usage of the island. I prefabricated the sauna at Lund University during my diploma project Architecture through practice, which investigated how architecture is affected when the architect is also the builder. The sauna was the perfect size and complexity to realise during one term. The design, with the wavy walls, originates from the initial stage of the project where the goal was to find a system which – in addition to being flexible and spatially interesting – should be easy to produce, transport and assemble for one person on the island. Through the making and evaluation of different wall prototypes, a simple method was invented. The wall consists of tongued-profile wooden planks, with one edge tilted at a 75-degree angle. Depending on the way the planks are combined the created wall becomes straight or curved. The planks are held together with a stainless steel wire. ↙

Photos August Almqvist Jansson