Published in 3/2021 - Sacred Space


Photo Column: Sacred Sites

Tuomas Uusheimo

Stone labyrinths are structures that have been built, with stones, on a rock. Various kinds of myths and beliefs are connected to their origin. There are stone labyrinths in different parts of northern Europe, particularly in Finland.

Many ancient sacred sites have exceptional natural shapes, such as caves, springs, erratic boulders and herb-rich forests. Even though stone labyrinths have been built by people, their locations may have been determined by a surrounding scenery or proximity to the sea. The surrounding area generated an experience of sacredness in people.

In our time, the faith and sacredness are carried with people, who take them to quiet rooms at airports, shopping centres and schools. There they pray, meditate and take a break. The task of the walls of these rooms is to protect our senses from external disturbances. An experience of sacredness is generated when the connection to the surrounding world is cut off. ↙

TUOMAS UUSHEIMO is a photographer concentrating on architecture, built environments, designed interiors and objects. Uusheimo’s photo column is a permanent feature of all issues in 2021.