Published in 3/2022 - Nature


Three Perspectives on the Posthumanist Living Environment

Elisa Lähde, Ilkka Törmä, Sarianna Salminen

Sankt Kjelds Plads & Bryggervangen, Copenhagen. SLA 2019. The transformation of a former heavily trafficked infrastructure area to green and biodiverse one is one the largest climate adaptation projects to date in Copenhagen. It uses learnings from several local characteristic biotopes and applies their processes in a rational and aesthetic way. Highly biodiverse area now offers also social opportunities for Copenhageners as well as wildlife and insects. Photo: SLA / Mikkel Eye

How could the design professionals be better involved in resolving increasing environmental crises and reducing the negative impact of construction on the environment? The concept of posthumanism offers new viewpoints for the organisation of the field.

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