3/2022 Nature

Editorial | On Nature's Terms
Kristo Vesikansa

Form Follows Fuel – Building Our Way into (and out of?) Climate Emergency
Barnabas Calder

Three Perspectives on the Posthumanist Living Environment
Elisa Lähde, Ilkka Törmä, Sarianna Salminen

Architecture as the Politics of Reconstruction
Aleksi Lohtaja

The Spaces In-Between
Elka Lupunen

On the Drawing Board | Alusta – A Platform for Environmental Discourse
Maiju Suomi, Elina Koivisto

Column | Posthumanism and the Perishing Architecture
Panu Savolainen


Pikku-Finlandia, Helsinki
Pikku-Finlandia Studio

Project Review | Elemental Joy
Lee Marable

Interview with the Architect | We had just the right amount of ambition”

Tikkurila Riverside, Vantaa
Loci Landscape Architecture

Article | An Oasis along the Rapids
Kristo Vesikansa

I.C.E. Pavilion, Helsinki / Uusikylä Railway Station Pavilion, Lahti
AOR Architects

Interview with the Architect | A Pavilion for the Better World

Kirkkokivi Shelter, Tampere
Tilasto Architects

Viitastenperä Shelter, Tampere
Tilasto Architects

Kaukaloistenkallio Shelter, Tampere
Manu Humppi Architects

Rautulampi Huts
Manu Humppi Architects

Interview with the Architects | Inspired by Nature


Exhibition | Révolutions Xenakis, Cité de la Musique / Philharmonie de Paris (Marianna Wahlsten)

Book | Peter Zumthor: Dear to Me: Peter Zumthor in Conversation (Esa Laaksonen)

Book | Laurie Cluitmans (toim.): On the Necessity of Gardening: An ABC of Art, Botany and Cultivation (Mikael Andersson)


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