Published in 5/2020 - Monument

Commercial Space


Architects Soini & Horto, Sweco Architects, OMA

Architects Kalle Soini, Marja-Liisa Honkanen, Jaakko Hassi,
Matti Linko (Soini & Horto) Anna Brunow, Pekka Ojalammi (Sweco)
Competition phase Reinier de Graaf, Chris van Duijin, Katrin Betschinger, Mitesh Dixit, Jussi Vuori (OMA) | Kalle Soini, Sami Horto, Richard Hogan, Santtu Rothsten (Architects Soini & Horto) | Timo Lepistö and Dan Molgren (City of Helsinki)
Location Fredikanterassi 1, Pasilan Asema-aukio 1
Gross area 350 000 m2
Completion 2020

ARK sat down with five of the key designers in the large venture to discuss the experiences, observations and sometimes surprising challenges brought along by the work. → The Many Makers of a Monument

Earlier review of the competition phase was published in → ARK 6/2013.

Photos Pyry Kantonen, Mikael Linden, Kimmo Levonen, Tuomas Uusheimo